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Hey MissDebi

Certified Personal Trainer, Dance Fitness and Yoga Instructor

​My vision is to create an environment that is interactive, energy driven and safe. A climate designed to bring out the BEST in YOU. A space where effort is celebrated with the same enthusiasm as ability.

FiTNESS is different for everyBODY because everyBODY is different. FiTNESS is more than how YOU look, it's how YOU feel and how YOU function.

I strive to cultivate and maintain an atmosphere rich in respect, acceptance and encouragement.

A place where everyBODY is important, valued and celebrated. 

Yoga Mats


The Ultimate Fitness Class Experience


It combines the BEST of fitness into an all-in-one class experience


DANCE - Easy-to-follow steps will have you movin' and groovin' to the latest rhythms and old school jams from around the globe.  

TONE - Specific exercises designed to strengthen, tone and define targeted areas.  For added resistance get those bands and weights (but not required).

STRETCHControlled breathing with a series of stretches, moves and poses that bring the body back into a state of balance and harmony

No dance, strength or yoga experience needed


This is a fun energetic 75 minute calorie scorching class designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance, build muscle strength and improve body flexibility.

It's the BEST of all things combined into one... DANCE TONE STRETCH!

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Personal training supports you in building a healthy lifestyle through exercise.  It also supports emotional health reducing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.


We offer individual and small group training both in person and virtually via Zoom.


Our programs focus on strength,

endurance, cardiovascular health,

flexibility and body composition.  


Say goodbye to the boring (3) sets and (15) rep workout and say hello to a creatively designed training program tailor made to assist you in obtaining your fitness and wellness goals.

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Yoga relieves your stress, boost your immune system and decreases tension and anxiety. While simultaneously increasing

flexibility, balance and mood.


Yoga encourages and facilitates a deeper mind and body connection through a series of physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation.  


We specialize in Yin Yoga practices. Yin yoga targets your deep connective tissue like fascia along with ligaments, joints and bones. It's slower paced and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations.


Assisted stretching, refers to a practice that involves manually guiding you through a sequence of stretches to identify tightness and imbalances within the body while laying down on a comfortable massage table.


These stretches will help relax and elongate the muscles, reduce stiffness and soreness and increase your mobility and range of motion.


They will also help prevent injury, improve posture and increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles.


We optimize your health one stretch at a time.

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Our Community

WE are family 

WE are all different shapes and sizes

WE have different fitness levels

WE have different fitness goals

WE are different genders

WE practice different religions

WE are different ages, ethnicities, races

WE are different

WE are family 

WE are a FiTNESS family.