About M.D.Fitness

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LET iT GO: I don't care what happens before class and I don't care what happens after class. Right now is your time. What ever "iT" is, it will be there when you return. LET iT GO!

GET iT IN: You can burn your max amount of calories per work out but it does not come from lack of effort.  YOU have to GET iT IN!

MAKE iT HAPPEN: Every thing in life is a choice, not making a choice is a choice. If there is something in your life you are unhappy with... make a choice and MAKE iT HAPPEN!

I am only successful when YOU succeed! LET'S GO!!


What to expect...

  • Motivation: Most of us work harder in the presence of others

  • Accountability: Eliminate your excuses

  • Clarity: Dispel fitness confusion with credible and current information

  • Confidence: Promote and build stronger self-confidence

  • Avoid Injury: Learn proper exercise techniques

  • Individual Attention: Proven to foster a higher rate of success

  • Expert Instruction:  Provided by a certified instructor

  • If you Are New to Fitness: Ease the anxiety of starting a fitness program

  • Creativity and Variety: No more boredom

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Movement is essential


We are...

  • Committed to enhancing and changing the overall health and fitness of every student

  • We take pride in providing customized and creative workouts that result in a new you

  • Invested in your growth, success, and advancement

  • Dedicated to excellent service and client success

  • We aim to earn and retain your respect and trust

  • Supportive of your wellness journey

  • Driven in our pursuit to over deliver