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Corporate Wellness Programs

Get the entire office involved with a comprehensive corporate wellness program. Specifically  designed to get your employees up and moving. We offer a variety of programs which may include, yoga classes, boot camp classes, Zumba classes or a custom designed class. Program benefits include lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, increased 

productivity and lower health care costs.

Residential Community Classes

Many residential communities are bringing fitness directly to their residents. We offer a variety of fitness and wellness services at your onsite fitness center. Available services include individual personal training, small group training or group exercise classes. Our community-oriented approach to fitness creates a socially engaging and a functional fitness experience all residents can enjoy.

Interactive Event Entertainment

Are you planning a corporate event or private party? Do you want to do something different? How about interactive entertainment? Let's do a themed dance or fitness class.  Get your guests up and moving with a FUN and interactive class.  Dance classes are designed with easy to learn choreography. Fitness classes are instructor led easy to follow exercises meant to get the heart pumping without wearing you out. No prior dance or fitness background required.

Health and Wellness Presenter

Looking for someone to come and speak to the importance and numerous benefits of exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle.  To discuss the differences and similarities of various fitness modalities.  To dispel fitness myth and confusion.  We provide a platform to encourage  a meaningful and interactive discussion regarding fitness and its necessity in everyday life.