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What They're Saying...

   so very Thankful         incredibly Grateful       unbelievably Blessed

Miss Debi is the consummate fitness instructor who knows how to incorporate fun and great music into all her routines regardless of your fitness level or goals.  She consistently delivers the right balance of challenging workouts and encouragement to do my very BEST--no excuses!  I'm always amazed at how much fun I have in her classes. Not only is Miss Debi an awesome, patient and knowledgeable instructor, she genuinely cares about my fitness journey.  I absolutely love Miss Debi's commitment to her profession.

- Jan M. Ph.D.

Miss Debi Fit is one of a kind when it comes to fitness.  She is extremely talented and innovative.  Her choreography along with her music and rhythm choices not only fuel your feet but also your soul.  Be ready to take a trip around the world with dances from different countries and cultures.  There's uniquely something for everyone at every dance level. Her classes leave you feeling like you just left a party with your family and dearest friends.  Miss Debi genuinely cares about  each and every student through dance and fitness. 

- Farrah W.

Miss Debi combines rhythm and fun into a fitness experience rather than a bland workout.  She is a gifted instructor who is not afraid to push her students to reach the very best within themselves. Miss Debi's combination of humanity and acceptance  along with her drive to "gently nudge" you past your comfort zone is what keeps her in the top echelon of instructors.  She is not your average fitness instructor.  She is a beacon for mental and physical transformation.  She is a godsend.

-Vinetta M.

If you want to burn calories, sweat and have FUN all at the same time, then a class with Miss Debi is it! Miss Debi does all  her own choreography of all her routines so it's unlike any other class I have experienced.  She combines many different styles  of dance with fitness which translates into a great workout!  Her energy is contagious so you never feel like you are working out.  You are just having FUN with everyone else.

- Debbie D.

Miss Debi is my favorite instructor; her passion for teaching and her dedication to her students is unsurpassed.  She makes fitness FUN!

- Kristen D.

Finally, I found the PERFECT fitness 

instructor! Good energy, great music and fun choreography.  I love to exercise with Miss Debi !!!

- Melanie G.

When you spend the bulk of your day pouring out yourself to others . Combined with career and family demands your cup empties quickly. Life is a choice,  I choose to replenish myself by making the time to get inside a fitness class with Miss Debi.  It renews me from the inside out.  Traveling 2 hours most days to get inside that space of sisterhood, family, encouragement, acceptance , smiles, fitness and freedom.  A space to simply connect to the sacred world of Miss Debi is well worth all the effort to get there. She is a dream activator, caring motivator, inspirational, and simply the BEST fitness instructor on the planet!

- Sybil J.